Long Beach CA Podiatric Nail & Skin Care SpecialistsYour feet are one of the hardest-working parts of your body, absorbing the impact of each and every step, and making it possible for you to bear weight, so you can stand, walk, run, and jump. Despite everything our feet do for us, they rarely get the appreciation—or the attention—they deserve. That's a shame, considering that your feet are your foundation, and proper foot care (or lack thereof) can have huge implications for your whole-body health.

Fortunately, if your neglected feet are begging for care, A Step Above Foot Care's podiatry specialist, Board Certified Podiatric Surgeon Dr. Miller-Khawam is here to help. 

Common Podiatric Nail and Skin Conditions We Treat

Not only is your skin your body's largest organ, but it also acts as a natural barrier, protecting underlying tissues from harm. Poor toenail and skin health can open you up to a variety of common podiatric problems. For example, cracks, cuts, or other breaks in the skin's surface can allow viruses (like HPV) to invade, or leave you vulnerable to bacterial or fungal infections, while damp socks and improper footwear can make you vulnerable to other issues. Here are just a few of the many nail and skin conditions we treat at our Long Beach podiatry practice:

Wide-Ranging Treatments and Services to Meet Your Needs

Whether you're eager to start showing off your toenails again, say goodbye to stubborn plantar warts, or just keep your feet looking—and feeling—fresh and healthy, A Step Above Foot Care has a treatment or service that's right for you. We offer:

  • Patient education. Learn how to examine, wash, dry, and lotion your feet, and correctly trim your toenails for optimal foot nail and skin health.
  • Preventative care. Inspecting your feet for problems, trimming toenails, recommending changes in footwear, and more.
  • Corn and callus removal. Get rid of uncomfortable and unsightly corns and calluses.
  • Wart removal. From improved topical treatments to laser therapies, we offer solutions to help eliminate warts quickly and with minimal discomfort.  We offer the new Swift wart treatment..
  • Treatment for ingrown, black, or fungal toenails. Treatment for these conditions can vary; make an appointment to discuss options for your particular case, including the revolutionary GenesisPlus laser procedure.
  • Nail restoration. When a toenail's removed due to fungus, infection, or injury, it can take up to 18 months for it to grow back. Don't wait more than a year to get back into your favorite pair of open-toed shoes. The Keryflex™ Nail Restoration System utilizes polymer resins to quickly and painlessly create artificial nails that are durable, flexible and natural in appearance.
  • Botox injections. When injected directly into the feet, Botox can help patients manage excessive sweating, also known as hyperhidrosis.
  • Wound care. Prompt treatment for foot wounds can prevent the issue from turning into a larger complication later on. This is especially important for diabetics, who are particularly at risk for foot problems and amputations.
  • Sterile pedicure. Our on-site medical spa proudly offers sterile pedicures, which are performed in a private setting by a highly trained nail technician, under the supervision of one of our skilled podiatrists. Basic to luxury pedicure options are available.

Expert Care for Your Feet's Skin and Nails

At A Step Above Foot Care, we're committed to making every aspect of your patient experience as pleasant and painless as possible. Call our Long Beach office today at (562) 429-5300 to schedule an appointment. With convenient same-day or next-day visits available, healthier, happier feet are truly just a phone call away.