A condition known as drop foot can make it difficult for an individual to walk and move about. Drop foot can cause people to regularly misstep, trip, or fall. Consequently, many patients with drop foot end up altering their gait, which can lead to other injuries or problems. Fortunately, treatments such as the new brace can help. Dr. Marjorie Miller-Khawam, our skilled podiatrist at A Step Above Foot Care in Long Beach, can explain how a drop foot new brace could benefit you.

What is Drop Foot?

Drop foot is a condition in which a patient experiences extreme difficulty lifting and holding up the front portion of the foot. Individuals with drop foot might still be able to lift up the heel, just not the front of the foot. When a patient with drop foot lifts up the foot to take a step, the front of the foot often quickly drops back down to the floor. Some people compensate by lifting the thigh higher than normal when walking, as if about to climb stairs. Raising the thigh up higher allows more time for the foot to clear the floor.

Drop foot can cause individuals to trip or fall more easily. As a result, some patients with the condition tend to drag the affected foot when walking. Usually, certain muscles help lift the foot. When these muscles become too weak or even paralyzed, the result is an inability to properly raise the foot. Several factors can cause the muscles to become weak or damaged, including nerve injuries, muscle or nerve disorders, or brain and spinal cord disorders. Individuals with certain medical conditions, such as multiple sclerosis (MS), or who have suffered a stroke are prone to developing drop foot.

New Brace for Drop Foot

Individuals with drop foot can benefit from wearing a new brace. A new brace helps support the ankle, as well as keep the foot flexed so it does not drop. The brace wraps around the ankle and fits over the foot, and can be worn with shoes. When wearing a brace, patients with drop foot are able to lift the foot without it dropping and can walk with a normal gait again.

If you are dealing with drop foot, a new brace could help you regain the ability to lift and flex the affected foot. To learn more about drop foot new brace, schedule an appointment with Dr. Miller-Khawam by calling A Step Above Foot Care at (562) 429-5300.

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JackHron 07/14/2021 04:43 AM
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