Sterile Pedicure

We are very excited to announce our medical spa, which provides pedicures in a sterile environment, featuring one-on-one attention from a highly trained nail technician in a private setting. No more worries about getting a fungal or bacterial infection when getting pedicures.

What is a Sterile or Medical Pedicure?

This form of pedicure is the safer, cleaner, and healthier alternative to nail salons. The pedicures are performed under the supervision of our podiatrist. Everything is either disposable or sterilized to surgical sterility, to ensure that you are getting a safe and sanitary pedicure. The instruments are soaked in the Cidex sterile liquid, followed by autoclaving, thus they are sterilized twice.

Private room with a Shiatzu massage chair

Sit back, relax, and enjoy being pampered in our private medi-spa. The pedicure chair has a Shiatzu massage, and the whirlpool spa to soak your feet have the sterile liners, and is in a private room, quiet, serene and tranquil.

Types of Pedicures

The Basic Pedicure is $45.

Become fully relaxed and drift away in our soothing spa paradise while getting our basic pedicure, which starts out with a clipping and filing of the nails, followed by some cuticle work, a light heel buffering. Finish with a moisturizing massage with our scented lotion. With all that is included, this is far from basic.

The Deluxe Pedicure is $65.

Dip your feet in our spa tub filled with warm water while sitting back and enjoying our massage chair. This pedicure includes everything the basic pedicure does, including trimming and filing the nails. A callous treatment is applied and the callouses are filed smooth. Exfoliating the legs and a moisturizing massage follow, to leave you feeling refreshed.

The Spa Pedicure is $85.

Would you like a longer massage or a little more attention on those problem spots of dry or damaged skin? This pedicure starts out with our deluxe pedicure, with the addition of a hydrating foot mask, hot towels, and an extended massage that will leave you feeling calm and relaxed.

Pamper Me Pedicure is $105.

This is our ultimate medical pedicure that includes the spa pedicure treatments, and is followed by a paraffin dip of both feet to lock in the moisture, leaving you with soft skin and feeling revitalized.

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Note: Nail polish is not applied.