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June 22, 2011
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Have you had fungal toenails that are preventing you from going to the beach in the summer, or prevent you from wearing sandals because they are so ugly?  There is a new cutting edge technology that kills the fungus in the toenails, doing away with the need for taking pills for several months.  The laser is painless, quick and effective.  Our office has the new GenesisPlus laser for toenail fungus, and for a limited time, we are almost giving away treatments!  The usual cost for treatments is $1000 for all nails to be treated, with no options for treating just one or two nails.  We are treating only the nails that need to be treated.  The best news is that our laser is FDA cleared, meaning that it has been proven to work!  There are lasers out there that have failed FDA clearance.  Don't waste your money on treatment that won't work!  Call our office today to ask about our state-of-the-art technology.  562-429-5300.  Get rid of that unsightly toenail fungus!


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3816 Woodruff Ave
Long Beach, CA 90808