At A Step Above Foot Care, we're committed to going the extra mile for our patients. Not only do we provide the highest quality care for heel and foot pain, our friendly staff ensures patients feel welcome and supported. Browse testimonials from our heel and foot pain patients to see what they say about their experiences with our practice.

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  • Five stars. Solved my foot pain problems. It took a few months and 4 office visits. She personally gets to know your history.
  • M R. Inglewood, CA 01423 7/11/2023 1 photo Good quick service, I came here for Laser it definitely improved the inflammation on my heels
  • Tom S. CA, CA 02 7/6/2023 I can't speak highly enough about Dr. Khawam and her staff. I strongly recommend that you make an appointment with her for ANY foot or ankle problems that you may be having. She provided me with an extremely detailed diagnosis of the MRI that I had done right in her office, and prescribed a successful treatment plan to heal and get pain-free. She's very knowledgeable and one of the most personable doctors that I've ever had. FIVE STARS !
  • Vince N. Lakewood, CA 25029 12/15/2016 So three weeks ago, I broke a toe, but being the stubborn person that I am I figure I would just walk it off and see what happens. I just didn't want to deal with going to a doctor, and insurance stuff really confuses me. I'll just look up some info online and fix it myself. A close friend of mine, and my girlfriend both say I might have to put on a boot, but there was gonna be NO WAY one small broken toe is going to have me wear a boot *knock on wood*. Anyways I do my regular routine of exercising, lifting, jiujitsu, etc. I just figure I would just dial it back a few notches and know my 30+ year old limitations. Anyways, after my skin started turning to a normal color and the swelling went down I noticed my toe would wobble every time I took a step. Imagine those spring coiled door stoppers...well, it was exactly like that. I think to myself, "hmmm I have ligament/tendon damage or my toe is dislocated," but I still just try to do my self remedy of rehabbing my toe and bending it every which way to see if I can pop it back into place. Well enough is enough, and I just start my Christmas vacation (this is my first day) so I figure I would make the most out of it by being productive, and my little voice of reason told me to just go see the doctor IN CASE it's worse than what it is. If it isn't, then at least I have the peace of mind, in knowing that it was just a broken toe. I found A Step Above Foot Care on Yelp, it had most reviews, rated the highest, right next to my house, and most importantly accepts my insurance. To make a long story short, everyone is so welcoming here and they figure out all my insurance information before I walk through the door so I don't even have to worry about it. They took a few x-rays to make sure to get all angles and Dr. Khawam comes and tells me that it is broken, not dislocated like what I feared and doesn't require surgery like I also feared. She didn't even limit me from exercising or sports rather just take it easy while doing so. I get splinted up, we throw back a few jokes along with her PA and I'm good to go. Oh and the wobbling is just my tendons trying to reset itself and stabilize my toe, but shouldn't be anything to worry about. I'm perfectly relieved knowing it's not going to put me out of commission, especially during break. I have a follow up in a couple weeks just to see the progression, but I'm just really thankful that they put my mind to ease. It's kinda funny that I'm relieved that it's just a broken bone, but it can have been way worse. -Vince N.
  • Yolanda M. Cypress, CA 210 12/10/2016 Dr. Khawam and her awesome staff have made my visits to treat plantar fasciitis a stress-free experience. I really appreciate the time that Dr.Khawam takes to explain and educate me on my condition. She has an easygoing and humorous (yet professional) bedside manner that always puts me at ease. Dr. Khawam encourages me to become an active participant in my own recovery. She really listens to my input and guides me through the myriad of options to choose my personal best course of treatment. I'm consistently impressed with the speed in which the doctor sees me after arriving for my appointment. I don't know how they do it when I never feel rushed during my visits & I always have a million questions. The office is very efficient and organized when it comes to dealing with my health insurance, billing, and varied paperwork. They really have their act together. I've had the pleasure of being assigned Socorro as my primary medical assistant. She has taken an active role in really getting to know me and my treatment. This human touch helps to calm my nerves and allows me to focus on my visit. Also, having a primary contact really helps when you have an issue so you don't have to recap your entire story every time. But don't get me wrong, the entire staff is always willing to help and I really appreciate Vickey & Grace for all their help and great attitude! Thanks again A Step Above & I hope to be able to run out of your office soon.....nothing personal of course! ;-) -Yolanda M.
  • Deborah C. Whittier, CA 1592 10/18/2015 Dr. Miller-Khawam took care of my disabled brother so well that I started visiting her. Her staff is always helpful as well. She took care of an ingrown toe nail with little pain. Also, the custom inserts made for me changed my life and got rid of lower back pain by improving my balance and stabilizing my walk. The doctor asked me to walk up and down the hallway while she observed my walk. Along with great bedside manor, she makes sure you understand everything about your treatment. Most people don't ever visit a podiatrist probably because they don't really understand the benefits and the name sounds weird. Hey, even if you don't think you're having problems, going for a check-up and looking into custom inserts may change your life like it did for me, especially if you do a lot of walking, standing or wear shoes with a tall heel. Note: I also put inserts into my slippers to wear around the house, especially for our tile floors, and that helped me as well. -Deborah C.
  • 5.0 star rating 8/14/2017 Dr. Khawam and staff are amazing. I have what has now become a long term injury. She and her staff have been as patient and caring as possible. She is a gem at putting up with my cranky mood about all of this and never fails to make me smile through the tears. I can't say enough about this team. You can't go wrong. -Debbie C.
  • 5.0 star rating 6/15/2021 I am an active 'Crossfit' athlete. I have been doing so for 9 years. In the past 2 years I picked up an interest in running and participated in I in 4 half marathons. This year 2021 I began having lower back and knee problems while running. The pain was so bad that I had to stop running. Dr. Miller-Khawam suggested I give orthotics a try. She assessed my running and determined that I was pronating. Her staff made a mold of my foot and mailed the mold in. A month later I had custom orthotics. The inserts work I have completely changed the way I run and the pain has gone away. I look forward to running now, running 100 miles per month. I just competed in my first 25k trail run in May 2021 and there was no pain. I am so thankful to Dr. Miller-Khawam and their staff without them I would have stopped running. -Juan H.