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KeryFlex is a nail restoration system that restores toenails to realistic, natural looking nails.  It is a resin that is flexible, yet durable, and feels completely normal.  Toenails that have been injured, split, are brittle, or discolored can have immediate cosmetic improvement by having KeryFlex applied.  Once the KeryFlex is on the nails, they can get wet, and patients can get back into their normal athletic activities right away.  Nail polish can be applied and removed, as the product is not affected by nail polish, acetone, or detergents.  The application process of KeryFlex is quick and painless, taking 15 minutes for the entire process for one nail, slightly longer for more nails.  The KeryFlex allows patients to leave the office with natural looking toenails. 

How is KeryFlex applied?

  • First, the nail is filed down and smoothened.
  • KeryFlex Bond is brushed onto the nail and nail bed.
  • KeryFlex Resin gel is applied onto the nail and nail bed.
  • KeryFlex is cured under an ultraviolet light.
  • KeryFlex Seal is brushed on the new nail.
  • The KeryFlex is filed down and smoothened, contouring the new nail shape.
  • The nail has a normal appearance, and is ready for regular activities.




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