How to find out if you are a candidate for Neurogenx treatment for neuropathy:

Are you experiencing burning, tingling and numbness of the feet? Do you suffer from burning, stinging or numb feet?

Do you have nerve damage in your lower extremities?

Is your life – and sleep - being disrupted?

Do you have balance issues? Are you unsteady on your feet?

Is the neuropathy diabetes related?

Have you been diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy?

If so, you might be a good candidate for our new neuropathy treatment, Neurogenx.

Our treatment for neuropathy does not include pain pills. It is focused on repairing the nerve damage, not masking the nerve problems.


This is an FDA approved, non-invasive neuropathy pain management procedure. This is a non-narcotic, non-invasive treatment that is safe and effective for painful peripheral neuropathy and the balance issues that come alongside neuropathy.

This machine operates at both a higher and wider frequency range (40,000 Hz - 400 Hz) than other devices.

We now offer a specialized treatment for peripheral neuropathy and pain in the feet, ankles and legs. Our neuropathy treatment is a comprehensive approach.

Our state-of-the-art Neurogenx machine offers results that are meant to reverse – not mask- painful symptoms.

Don’t live with pain any longer! We can help you get back to a more active lifestyle. A better life is just a call away. Contact us and find out how we can help you get moving again!

What are the signs and symptoms of neuropathy?

Patients with diabetic peripheral neuropathy endure exhausting pain, balance issues and sleep disorders associated with the breakdown of the peripheral nerves in the feet and lower legs. Commonly reported symptoms include a burning sensation, tingling and numbness, muscle weakness, changes in foot shape that lead to areas of increased pressure, excessively dry feet and cracked skin in addition to balance issues.

How does the Neurogenx machine help with neuropathy?

At A Step Above Foot Care, we offer state of the art treatments by ourNeurogenx machine. This treatment can help alleviate the painful symptoms of neuropathy using electronic signaling technology (EST). This treatment improves nerve function, reduces swelling and inflammation around nerves, decreases pain, and improves balance. The treatment takes time, as the nerves need time to regenerate. The entire process of the Neurogenx treatments takes two treatments per week for twelve weeks. Most patients see improvement after ten  treatments and will notice a dramatic reduction in pain with this successful electrosignaling treatment.

Who can use Neurogenx?

Neurogenx is mainly used to treat pain or numbness associated with neuropathy. It has been found to be effective in treating neuropathy related to the following problems: diabetes, chemotherapy, restless leg syndrome, strokes, kidney problems, multiple sclerosis, liver problems, poor circulation, plantar fasciitis, fibromyalgia, neuroma, complex regional pain syndrome, radiculopathy, neuritis, alcoholic neuropathy, vitamin deficiency neuropathy, phantom limb pain and more. The treatment can work on neuropathy of any cause. As conditions progress, they can cause a shrinking of the blood vessels in the arms, hands, legs or feet that results in numbness, burning, and/or tingling. These are all symptoms of peripheral neuropathy.

Neurogenx cannot be used on patients who use electrical devices, such as pacemaker, defibrillators, or implanted pain pumps. It cannot be used on pregnant women.

The Electronic Signal Treatment Process

Electro-pads are placed on the calf and foot area and electronic signaling begins. Injections (integrated nerve blocks) aregiven into the ankle to facilitate the efficiency of the electro-signal therapy.

How does Neurogenx work?

The treatment pairs an Electrical Signal Treatment (EST) with a modified, local anesthetic injection regimen, which removes impediments to normal nerve function. The combination of using small amounts of nerve numbing medication along with electrical stimulation of the nerve decreases the pain signal and nerve swelling. This improves circulation and creates an anti-inflammatory effect. The machine does not just stop neuropathy from getting worse, but actually improves nerve function in most patients. Patients report decreased pain, improved balance, decreased use of narcotics, and improvement in their sleep.

The benefits of Electronic Signal Therapy allow for:

  • Increased cellular growth
  • Increased metabolic activity
  • Energized cells
  • Reduction of swelling around nerves
  • Stimulation of nerve function
  • Increased oxygen and blood directly to the nerve
  • Promotes increased wound healing
  • Provides anti-inflammatory action
  • Reduces scar tissue development
  • Improves balance
  • Decrease of use of narcotic medication
  • Decreased pain
  • Increased sensation, patients report they can feel their feet better.
  • The patient has the ability to attain increased movement once again with an effective and favorable pain management treatment plan.

More information on Neurogenx:

Previously, neuropathy has been treated with TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) and an electrical modality called Anodyne, but the relief has been temporary and limited. A newer treatment, Neurogenx, has enjoyed a much higher success rate. A Step Above Foot Care has this new treatment available. Neurogenx is an exciting new treatment for numbness or pain in the feet or legs. It is a dramatically effective solution for neuropathy, with documented clinical results. The treatment consists of advanced, patented, and FDA-cleared Electronic Signaling Technology (EST), combined with a series of local anesthetic injections. This device is being used effectively in many medical specialties, including pain management. At A Step Above Foot Care, we are excited to treat your neuropathy and relieve you of your pain and numbness!

How well does Neurogenx work?

A recent review analyzed eight studies that evaluated the use of electrical stimulation in neuropathy. Six of these studies found significant pain relief in patients treated with electrical stimulation. Clinical experience with physicians has shown that the application of Neurogenx, when combined with the low-dose local anesthetic injections, favorably influences the peripheral vasculature and promotes nerve and cell nutrition. Many forms of neuropathy can be reversed.

How Do I Know if Neurogenx is Right for Me?

Neurogenx is a treatment for numbness of pain due to neuropathy, so if you have any of the symptoms of neuropathy, Neurogenx is likely to be beneficial for you. These symptoms include: gradual worsening of numbness and tingling in your feet, which may spread upward into your legs; a sense that you are standing on something like cotton under the balls of your feet; sharp, jabbing, stinging, or burning pain in your feet; extreme sensitivity to touch in your feet; lack of coordination, a sense that you don't have good balance, or actual falling; muscle weakness in your feet. Neuropathy symptoms are mostly at rest, at night-time. If you have pain while standing and waking, and not during rest/sleep, you might not have neuropathy. It is important to have a complete evaluation prior to starting any treatment.  Call today to have an evaluation so we can get you back on your feet again.

How Can I Get Started?

Call us at A Step Above Foot Care (562) 429-5300 or use our online request an appointment form to request an appointment for your problem. Mention Neurogenx. We will quickly schedule a complete evaluation with our foot doctor, and a decision can then be made about whether this treatment is right for you. It is sometimes possible to start treatment the same day that you have your initial consultation.

What Should I Expect During My Treatment?

The first step to treating neuropathy is correct diagnosis of the condition. Our doctor at A Step Above Foot Care will take a medical history and do a complete foot and ankle examination to ensure correct diagnosis. Other testing, such as nerve conduction or balance testing, may be done as well. Each treatment takes 40 minutes.

How Can I Find Out More About Neurogenx?

There are many internet sites that have a good overview of this treatment, including a description of how it works. Here are a few websites that we suggest looking at:

Does my insurance cover the Neurogenx treatments?

No insurance covers the treatments.  They are $200 per treatment (for 40 minutes).  Unlike other office who offer Neurogenx, we do not collect thousands of dollars up front.  We have a pay-as-you go option to make it more affordable.

Our foot doctor also can answer questions about this successful treatment. Call us at (562) 429-5300 to schedule an appointment and learn more about your options for Neurogenx treatment for pain or balance problelms due to neuropathy.