foot surgery

When it comes to having foot and ankle surgery, it’s typically a case by case situation. Some factors that play a role in whether or not you need surgery include the severity of your symptoms as well as your response to other conservative, noninvasive treatment methods.  In our office, we listen to our patients, evaluate them thoroughly, and provide conservative versus surgical treatment options.  We let the patient be involved in knowing exactly what their foot or ankle condition is, and the patient then can determine the best course of treatment, either conservative care or surgery, based on their own needs and lifestyle.  

There are a number of different foot and ankle conditions that may benefit from surgery as a treatment option. Bunions, hammertoes, metatarsal fractures, ankle arthritis, Achilles tendon disorders, Morton’s neuromas, tibialis posterior tendon dysfunction, and unstable ankles are all conditions that may require surgery as a treatment option, depending on their severity. Long-lasting pain relief is typically the biggest result after surgery.

In order to best prepare for surgery, make sure you have a consultation with us about your overall health, discuss any possible changes in medication, and ask any questions you may have about the procedure to go into the treatment with a clear head. In some cases, you may have to refrain from eating and drinking a few hours before the procedure, so make sure you understand what must be done on your end beforehand.

As for recovery, again, this will typically vary case by case and will be dependent on your condition and the type of surgery performed. Generally, it’s recommended that you get plenty of rest, ice the affected area, compress the wound to aid in further strain, and keep the area elevated to reduce any possible swelling. In some cases, we may encourage you to use bandages, splints, surgical shoes, casts, crutches, orthotics, or a cane, depending on how much weight your foot and ankle can bear.

If you’d like to determine whether surgery is the best option for you and your foot or ankle condition, call us so we can give you a proper diagnosis and aid you with your decision.

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