A Step Above Foot Care is a full-service podiatry practice that specializes in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of foot and ankle disorders. Our highly-skilled Long Beach podiatrists provide expert care for patients with sports injuries, pediatric foot issues, diabetes, circulatory problems, nail conditions, fractures, bunions, and other deformities utilizing treatments ranging from conservative methods to advanced, cutting-edge therapies.

Heel & Foot Pain

Your feet work hard to keep you going, but when you're experiencing foot or heel pain, even the simplest activities can suddenly seem excruciating. Don't shrug off heel or foot pain in the hopes it will just go away—ignoring podiatry issues can allow them to turn into long-term problems. A Step Above Foot Care offers in-house imaging, accurate diagnoses, and wide-ranging treatments to help you get back on your feet as quickly as possible. Learn more about our practice, common causes of heel or foot pain, available treatments, and how to schedule an appointment with our specialists.

Nail & Skin Care

Maintaining the health of your feet's skin and nails is just as important as maintaining the health of their internal structures. Dry, cracked skin; warm, moist socks; restrictive footwear; and improper care put your feet (and toenails) at risk for a number of unpleasant and unsightly issues, such as fungal and bacterial infections, viruses, growths, and more. Fortunately, if you're struggling with a podiatric nail or skin issue, A Step Above Foot Care's expert podiatrist can help you resolve it as quickly and painless as possible so that you can feel good about your feet again.

Diabetic Feet

Diabetes is a dangerous disease that can cause extensive damage to your body over time. The feet are particularly at risk, due to poor circulation issues and diabetic nerve damage. Without proper daily self-care, routine podiatry care, and prompt treatment for issues like ingrown toenails, sores, and infections, diabetic patients are susceptible to severe podiatric problems and even amputation. Fortunately, at A Step Above Foot Care, our exceptional podiatrists help patients with diabetes keep their feet happy and healthy.

Children's Foot Problems

Do you suffer from structural foot abnormalities or common podiatric issues like bunions, hammertoe, or ingrown toenails? Your children may have an increased risk for developing these and other foot problems. Take charge of your children's podiatric health—learn about pediatric foot development, tips for caring for kids' feet, and how A Step Above Foot Care's gentle and highly-skilled podiatrists can help your child avoid or resolve serious foot conditions.


Struggling with a foot or ankle issue that just doesn't seem to be improving, despite conservative treatment? If you've been trying to avoid surgical options, it may be time to consider them. Fortunately, at A Step Above Foot Care, our exceptional podiatrists and podiatric surgeons perform a wide range of surgical treatments that provide long-lasting pain relief. Find out how to schedule an appointment for a comprehensive evaluation of your condition.