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We treat all types of heel pain, and strive to get you back on your feet as soon as possible.

Not all heel pain is plantar fasciitis or heel spurs.  It is very important to have your heel pain condition diagnosed properly in order to receive the correct treatment. 

First, x-rays need to be taken of any foot that has heel pain to rule-out a fracture, bone tumor, or other problem.  Some heel pain is due to Achilles tendinitis, or even back pain.  

Second, a thorough evaluation of your foot needs to be performed to find the exact problem.  Once your heel pain condition has been diagnosed, it is much easier to decide on a treatment plan. 

If you have sharp, shooting pain in your heel, or any other kind of heel pain, we have a whole treatment regimen focused on getting you back on your feet quickly, and keeping you active, while getting the heel pain better.  Heel pain can be a long-term problem if it is not treated quickly and appropriately.  The good news is, it is easily treated and can be cured.  We have special heel braces in our office that helps the heel pain the day you visit us.  You will leave feeling better the same day!   We provide custom orthotics (we take a cast impression of your foot in the neutral position, and measure to see if you have a leg longer than another one; we also measure hip, knee, and ankle joint ranges of motion to determine the prescription for the orthotics; the orthotics are fabricated in a lab from the prescription written by the doctor, customized to exactly what you need). 

We have written instructions that teach exercises for plantar fasciitis, and inform you of what to avoid while getting your heel pain better.  We are committed to getting you back to your feet pain-free!  

Surgery is usually a last resort, and is not the first step for heel pain and heel spurs!

We now have a laser to reduce inflammation and pain, and help speed the healing process.


We can make your feet feel great!


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