geriatric foot care

As you age, it’s important to pay attention to your overall health.  This includes the well being of your feet. The feet are considered the foundation of the body. It’s recommended that senior citizens, in particular, take early action in maintaining the health of their feet.

Some of the most common foot conditions found among geriatric patients include heel pain, poor circulation, ingrown toenails, corns, calluses, bunions, dry skin, brittle nails, complications due to arthritis and diabetes, and fungal infections. In order to avoid these issues from arising, it’s recommended that you elevate your feet and legs, dry your feet completely after washing, ensure your shoes and socks fit well and leave room for your toes, trim your toenails straight across on a regular basis, and that you keep your feet moisturized to avoid cracking of the skin.

It may also be helpful to look into footwear that provides your feet with extra support to avoid fallen arches and ingrown toenails, as well as to help you keep your balance while going about your daily activities. Custom orthotics can help with foot and ankle pain.

If you’re experiencing foot pain of any kind or would like more information on how to maintain healthy feet as you age, call our office and we can help.  We have in-house x-rays to evaluate your feet, and have a doppler as well as a SmartLEDA ABI that help check for cirulcation problems.  

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